Thermal Image Inspection

Looking to employ the most innovative and accurate technologies to quickly identify wildlife within the home? Thermal image inspection is the perfect tool for your wildlife removal challenges.


The first step of our sealing process is to inspect the home with our thermal imaging technology to identify all holes and points of entry. Experience is key here, as some animals can squeeze into incredibly tiny holes.  

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging allows us to more quickly accurately find holes and entry points within the home. This is a cutting approach method to safely finding and removing wildlife. We can easily pick up the heat signature of raccoons through home insulation as well as in attics, basements, and exterior walls. Through thermal imaging, we can identify where heat is escaping from the home - the entry points of wildlife. We can scan the roof using thermal imagery to show exactly where the animals entered. 

larger thermal imaging
drone white

Drone Inspections

We utilize a high-powered drone to inspect your home and find the perfect view of any difficult to reach area such as the roof. You will receive live on-site video, photo report, and post-inspection to ensure that all holes are safely sealed and wildlife have no point of entry.


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