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Essential Pest Prevention Services

Ensure your property remains safe from animal damage with the help of Bats R Us Wildlife Removal Specialist LLC in Bethel, Connecticut. We will put everything in place for you when it comes to pest prevention.


Keep animals out of your property with our help. Animals such as squirrels can cause devastating damage to your property. Squirrels will get into your walls and eat away at the wiring, the insulation, and even the wall itself, causing thousands of dollars of damage. We perform our animal removal services properly to ensure the animal will not find its way back in.


We will do all we can to prevent damage occurring. We put a number of deterrents in place to scare away animals, including putting up owl ornaments for woodpeckers, and for squirrels we will utilize steel mesh or peppermint to avert the animal.

Squirrel Eating Nut.
Skunk walking.

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