Sealing your home is an essential part of wildlife control. However, the first step of sealing is actually to ensure that all wildlife is outside the home. That's the beauty of Bats R Us - we do everything for you.


The first step of our sealing process is to inspect the home with our thermal imaging technology to identify all holes and points of entry. Experience is key here, as some animals can squeeze into incredibly tiny holes. Once we ensure that all animals are outside the home. We will then seal off all points of entry - including installing one-way doors, and sealing all holes with silicon and/or mesh.  


Ensuring proper sealing is a necessary element of protecting your home from wildlife infestations. This prevents animals from entering and making themselves at home within your space, causing significant damage. Many types of animals will seek shelter, especially in colder weather. This can leave cracks and holes in the attic, basement or foundation, which can also put your home at risk to electrical wire damage or insulation. Animals droppings can carry dangerous diseases and make noises throughout the night. 


Through thermal imagery and drone inspections we can find holes and points of entry quickly and effectively. Each minute we spend searching for holes can mean more damage to your home. With these advanced technologies, we ensure that each not only we find holes to seal quickly, but we do this even more accurately than the traditional search method. Working with Bats R Us means that you can depend on us to keep up to date with the most innovative technologies to help you with your wildlife removal challenges with ease. 


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