Attic Cleanouts, Remediation, & Restoration

Do you have some pesky visitors in the attic? Let us safely remove and restore your attic into a wildlife-free space. 


Attic cleanout and remediation is incredibly important step in getting your home back to normal after a wildlife infestation. Animals may get into your home through holes in the attic, making themselves at home in the insulation, or chewing on wood and structural elements. 


If you have live animals in the attic, they will leave potentially dangerous waste behind - from urine to feces, oils, nesting materials, food and more. Not only does this create an unpleasant odor in the home, but it can also create an unsanitary condition in your home that may be dangerous to your and your family. Animal droppings can contain toxic human diseases and even grow mold, especially in the case of bats or other animals that tend to group together. Additionally, not only do the animals in your space cause a health risk, but they also can attract other animals with the scent left behind. 


If wildlife has made itself in your attic, a full remediation may be necessary. Restoration is a necessary step of the process, to ensure that wildlife won't be back. Remediation includes bringing your attic back to its original state, free from animal droppings and urine, odors, nesting materials, mold, parasites, pheromones and more. It's vital that a professional takes care of cleanout and remediation, with the necessary training, equipment, and safety measures are taken. Your insurance may even cover the cost of the restoration, from a small change to a massive restoration project. 


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