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Combining experience, technological innovations and 100% commitment to customer service, the team at Bats R Us Wildlife Removal Specialists are here to help you with all your wildlife removal services. 


Wildlife removal is a delicate process that not only requires removing the animal from your property. The location(s) of entry must be identified, wildlife has to be trapped and removed - simultaneously ensuring safety of not only the professional, but the animal as well. 

Through our expertise, we're know the best way to carry out this process. Combining this with innovative technologies such as thermal imaging and drone inspection we can see creatures and entry points within seconds, and no second guessing!

Thermal Imaging
& Drone Inspections

We use innovative technologies such as thermal imaging and drone inspections to see any holes in or around the house. This allows for a quicker and more accurate identification and removal of all bat and wildlife within the home.

larger thermal imaging
drone white


Wildlife removal can be a dangerous process, putting yourself at risk for contracting diseases such as rabies. Let the professionals take care of this for you. Our wildlife control services are safe, reliable and effective, so there is no need to put yourself in danger.


One challenge of unwelcome wildlife is damage to the home, such as squirrels eating into the wall wiring or insulation. We will ensure minimal damage to your home during the inspection and removal process, as well as take measures to prevent future damage.


A wildlife problem requires immediate assistance, and you need a company you can count on. As soon as you call about your pest problem, we will organize our travel to your location. We ensure that everything is under control before we leave. 

Service Area

We're proud to serve our local community. Our main service area includes: Fairfield County - Greenwich, Westport, Weston, New Canaan, Ridgefield (main town), Stamford, Wilton and Easton.

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