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Proterty will be safe from damage.


Your property will be safe from the threat of animal damage thanks to our help. We provide pest prevention services that will keep animals away from your property.

Dont try and removal animals.


Don’t try to remove an animal from your property, simply come to us. Our pest control service is reliable and effective so there is no need to put yourself in any kind of danger.

Let us removal animals safely.


There is no need to panic when an unwanted animal enters your property thanks to our pest removal service. We have the skills and equipment to remove the animal in no-time.

About  Bats R Us Wildlife

Squirrel Trapped.

We have been working with animals and Technology for the last 30 years, And now Ive combined the two and changed the way the Wildlife removal service works! The way it used to work is you searched the house for pests and entry points and tried to make an assumption of where the creatures were and where they could have possibly entered. But now using a Thermal imaging camera I can see creatures and entry points instantly with no second guessing. I do a thermal scan showing Temperature variances in each room. Every creature has a different thermal footprint and there access points have different temperature variances than there surrounding parameter. The guessing game has now been taken out of the equation and substituted with efficiency.


Removal Successful

Get rid of unwanted pests with the help of Bats R Us Wildlife Removal Specialist LLC in Bethel, Connecticut. Our pest removal service is extremely effective.


When a bat has entered your home and you just can’t get rid of it, or there are animals rummaging around in your bins or very close to your property, we are here to help. We provide our services for both residential and commercial clients and we will always perform the job in hand to the highest possible standards.


Removal Successful

There is no need to panic when you require a pest control service thanks to Bats R Us Wildlife Removal Specialist LLC in Bethel, Connecticut. We are a reputable and trustworthy company.


As soon as you call about your pest issue we will travel to your location. We will ensure everything is under control before we leave.


Any wild animal that has contact with a person or pet should be tested for rabies. This eliminates any questions about vaccinating your family or pets with  post rabies vaccine.

Opossum im cage.


Essential Pest Prevention Services

Ensure your property remains safe from animal damage with the help of Bats R Us Wildlife Removal Specialist LLC in Bethel, Connecticut. We will put everything in place for you when it comes to pest prevention.


Keep animals out of your property with our help. Animals such as squirrels can cause devastating damage to your property. Squirrels will get into your walls and eat away at the wiring, the insulation, and even the wall itself, causing thousands of dollars of damage. We perform our animal removal services properly to ensure the animal will not find its way back in.

Squirrel Eating Nut.


We will do all we can to prevent damage occurring. We put a number of deterrents in place to scare away animals, including putting up owl ornaments for woodpeckers, and for squirrels we will utilize steel mesh or peppermint to avert the animal.

Skunk walking.




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Proudly Serving Within a 25-Mile Radius of Bethel, Connecticut


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24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week




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